Ross Sonnenberg Uses an Explosive Photography Technique

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: rosssonnenberg & petapixel
Artist and experimental photographer Ross Sonnenberg has developed an unusual photography technique that lets him create intergalactic images that can never be duplicated.

Instead of using a camera, Sonnenberg uses materials such as tinfoil, gels and sand along with photographic paper to create interesting textures and colors on the film. However, as he explains, the main ingredient is light and his light source of choice happens to be fireworks. The explosive, cascade of light that emanates from these sparkling firecrackers is what really sets his work apart from other photography techniques, allowing him to generate the space-like images that he strives for.

Anyone who is looking for an interesting photography technique that doesn't require a fancy camera, can go ahead and attempt this explosive fireworks-powered method invented by Ross Sonnenberg.