Photographer Ray Gordon's 'Namesake Motors' Set is Hilarious

Some people have cars that match their personality perfectly and this set of shots by photographer Ray Gordon and art director Jim Lasser entitled 'Namesake Motors' takes that comparison one step further.

The hilarious collection of photos features historical and pop culture icons with the cars with whom they share their name. There's Homer's Odyssey, Adam Corolla's Corolla, Alice Cooper's Mini Cooper, Queen Victoria's Crown Victoria, Lincoln's Lincoln, Pontiac's Pontiac and finally The Lone Ranger's Ranger.

Lasser explains, "I have always been interested in history, and began to wonder about the origins of some of the names of the cars. It raised a lot of questions for me: who was Chief Pontiac? Would Lincoln drive a Lincoln?"

The entire set is published on Lasser and Gordon's blog aptly titled Namesake Motors.