Photographer Alex Prager Captures the Beauty of Crowds

 - Mar 3, 2014
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Photographer Alex Prager's series 'Face In the Crowd' is a beautiful mess of people, each one vying for your attention.

There's a frantic energy to Face In The Crowd. Your eyes, unsure of where they're suppose to focus, frantically scan the picture trying to grasp onto something. It's like playing 'Where's Waldo?' only Waldo never bothered to showed up, so you just keep looking. As frustrating as this might sound, Prager's photographs have such a beautiful cinematic quality to them that eventually your eyes settle down and you begin absorbing the visual details of the entire scene.

Each person in photographer Alex Prager's series is wholly unique, from the way they're dressed to the expression on their faces and even how they're behaving. You can't help but take notice of their personalities and form an opinion or story about them.