Phone-Charging Furniture Like This Thrive Global Bed are Very Convenient

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: shop.thriveglobal & refinery29
Given how ubiquitous smartphone use is, it makes sense that design is reflecting this aspect of society, especially in the form of phone-charging furniture. From Thrive Global, the Phone Bed Charging Station comes in two colors and is the perfect way to boost your phone's battery while you sleep.

Particularly handy for those who cannot be separated from their devices, even in slumber, the tech-embedded home addition is only $100. The all-encompassing purchase consists of a solid wood bed frame along with velvet compartments and luxurious linens. Phones are charged on a satin-clad mattress and tablets can be conspicuously tucked underneath for more power. The phone-charging furniture also comes with a double-sided microfiber and satin blanket that can clean your various gadgets.