Smartskin's Prophylactic Phone Protectors Reduce Mobile Diseases

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: firebox
Sexually transmitted diseases have been combatted for quite some time using condoms, but it seems the good folks at Smartskin have decided that these prophylactic devices are fit for phone protectors too.

Compatible with the iPhone 4/ 4s and the Samsung S3, the Smartskin phone protectors are unabashedly similar to the run of the mill condoms being used for protection during sexual intercourse.

The only difference with these latex phone protectors is that instead of protecting your body from a nasty and potentially deadly disease, these smartphone prophylactics are protecting your mobile devices from you.

Smartskin's product aims to keep your phone clean and safe inside of its stretch-ready casing. To use, simply slide the Smartskin prophylactic phone protector over your device and you're in business.