Philippe Bordonado Design Crafts Cardboard Pyramids for Third Dynasty Wines

In most circles, wine in a box is considered a little less than classy, but this intriguing packaging concept by Philippe Bordonado Design may save these cardboard wine dispensers from further ridicule. Entitled Third Dynasty, this design concept looks to the pyramids for inspiration, boasting a memorable triangular silhouette. The sumptuously royal color palette of black and deep purple give this clever container an undeniable level of sophistication.

Making your lush-like tendencies appear much more suave, Philippe Bordonado Design has created one boxed wine to be proud to bring to a party. If you thought boxed wine was for desperate coeds and cheap booze hounds guess again, because if this design concept come to fruition boxed wine may become standard.

Injected with incredible prowess and a classiness rarely found in cardboard structures, Third Dynasty packaging will leave a lasting, opulent impression.