This PF Flyers x BKc Collaboration Pays Attention to Historical Detail

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: pfflyers
This capsule collection -- a collaboration between PF Flyers and The Brooklyn Circus -- recreates The Rambler with special attention to stay true to the original shoe.

The Rambler is PF Flyers' original, iconic shoe. PF Flyers first started creating shoes out of vulcanized tire rubber in the early 1900s. In the 1950s and 60s, PF Flyers shoes became standard issue in the U.S. military. Bearing this history in mind, when PF Flyers teamed up with menswear brand The Brooklyn Circus to create a unique version of The Rambler, they wanted to replicate all the details of the original manufacturing process, like waxed laces, smaller eyelets and a fourteen-ounce military duck canvas.

The PF Flyers x BKc shoe will come in both high top and low top styles, in brown and natural colorways.