A Rare Streak to Wear

 - May 13, 2008
References: sciencemall-usa & beadinggem
Petrified lightning is also known as sand fulgurite which forms when lightning strikes the ground. The extremely high heat causes quartz sand to fuse forming silica glass tubes which follows the path the lightning took. The tubes can be hollow because the high temperature literally vaporises the material inside leaving behind a glassy interior. The shapes formed resemble either carrots or tree roots and range in length from a few centimetres to several metres long. The colour of the fulgurite will depend on the particular sand composition.

Fulgurites can be found all over the world but they are still relatively rare. The Science Mall USA online store has a wire-wrapped pendant. Each fulgurite has its own unique "chime" when gently tapped. A delicately sculptured natural glass for those who like unusual jewelry.