Microbial Manufacture by Peter Trimble Uses Sand and Urea

 - Jan 27, 2014
References: petertrimble & psfk
Peter Trimble, a Product Design graduate from the University of Edinburgh, has created a biomaterial that is set to reduce production waste significantly. Through a process he has labeled 'Dupe,' Peter Trimble has found a way to use sand and urea to form granular building materials.

By avoiding the traditional "heat beat and treat" techniques that most manufacturers use to create objects including furniture, Peter Trimble is able to avoid the 96% waste and 4% product statistics that is making a damaging dent in the environment. His project, which he calls Microbial Manufacture, is not only eco-friendly, it is also cheap considering that it uses materials that are easily accessible and abundant in the world.

Peter Trimble writes, "Dupe aims to raise questions about the future of industrial manufacturing and illustrates the sustainable potential that the ultilisation of bacillus pasterurii could have with the manufacturing industry."