Figure Out Yearly Pet Cost with this Handy Infographic

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: moneynowusa &
Owning a dog or cat can be expensive and this pet cost infographic will let you know just how much you can expect to pay out each year. Starting off with the more lighthearted costs, pet birthdays are celebrated by 36% of dog owners and 20% of cat owners, while about 60% of cat and dog owners will give their furry friend a gift at Christmas.

Next up, we have the more serious costs like illnesses with dogs costing about $236 and cats roughly $160 a year in vet bills. Each vet visit costs an average of $160 and only about 52% of pet owners will take their pets to see the doctor during an illness. What’s worse is that about one third of pet owners can’t afford to take their furry friend to the vet when it’s necessary.