StoryChips is a Fun & Tech-Savvy Way to Connect with Friends

 - Sep 26, 2018
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StoryChips allows users to interact with their friends through adorably personalized QR codes. As the digital revolution continues to stun the public with groundbreaking developments in tech, so the entertainment and social media landscapes are adjusting to utilize the new frameworks and algorithms. StoryChip is an easy-to-use messaging service that allows individuals to fully express themselves through whimsically arranged and design-forward cards.

Users are able to infuse a message with authenticity through a personalized QR code. From holiday greetings and birthday cards to thank you notes and BFF appreciation, the sender of the card can scan a code with a smartphone and upload a "story." This can be a picture, a video, a voice message or a combination of things. The receiver can, in turn, scan the personalized QR code to view its intimate contents.