The Personal Space Dress Ensures Comfortable Un-Encroached Zones

 - May 13, 2014
References: kthartic & fastcodesign
With the world's population increasing as exponentially as it is, the Personal Space Dress shows that people are in search of creative ways to ensure people do not encroach upon their designated territory. While this might be impossible in Japanese subway systems in which pushers pack commuters into trains as though they were canned sardine, Western societies still have the luxury of using something like the Personal Space Dress.

Designed by Kathleen McDermott, an artist who recently relocated to Hong Kong to pursue a Masters in Fine Art, the Personal Space Dress is part of her larger project, Urban Armor.' She writes that the Personal Space dress "playful pieces that help women assert control over their personal/public space." More pretty than serious, there is a playful aspect to its unique design.