This Periodic Table of Storytelling Helps you Create a Masterpiece

If you want to write a killer story, just use the periodic table of storytelling to do so. Some people write for fun, for their jobs, for school or for personal reasons. The periodic table of storytelling breaks down the narrative elements into a much more familiar form. Storytelling is now a science.

It works because each element features a common trope. The table is supported by a series of ten story molecules which highlight well-known plots from modern classics. For example, Ghostbusters is created with the ol' Iac (Sealed Evil in a Can), Mad (Mad Scientist), Hil (Hilarity Ensues) and 5ma (Five-Man Band.)

You can create your own or come up with the narrative elements of a widely popular or cult film if you are up for the challenge. A great challenge would be to make it into a game if you could come up with a way to do so.