'Flo' is a Period Tracking App That Uses AI to Predict Ovulation

 - Aug 15, 2017
References: flo.health & digitaltrends
'Flo' is a period tracking app that's helping its users understand and prepare for their menstruation cycles through the use of artificial intelligence.

The app functions primarily off the use of neural networks to provide its users with an accuracy that's increased by 54%. Users are asked to log the start and end dates of their period with the option to track additional symptoms, such as cramping or fatigue. The algorithm used helps predict and determine unique patterns within the cycle, accurately and effectively pinpointing ovulation periods, to help those who are attempting to get pregnant.

The new edition of Flo also includes a "Q&A service" in which like-minded individuals can ask intimate questions, without the hassle of booking a doctor's appointment or the embarrassment of face-to-face communication.