This Chart on How to Take the Perfect Nap Will Refresh You

 - Sep 6, 2013
Not getting enough sleep? Worry not; this infographic tells you just how much time you need to experience the perfect nap.

Everyone wishes they could live lives of leisure and relaxation, but in reality, most struggle to get enough sleep during the day. This infographic illustrates that sleeping for 10-20 minutes is the best power nap when you need to recover your energy. A 30-minute nap often causes you to experience the feeling of exhaustion and grogginess when you wake up.

An hour-long cat-nap is the best for helping improve memory, however, it also may cause some grogginess as well. Finally, a 90-minute sleep allows you to get into deep REM sleep where you can sail off into dreamland. This nap improves creativity and there is less of a chance waking up with that sleep-deprived feeling.