Extreme Thrill-Seekers are Paying to Be Kidnapped

 - Mar 9, 2010
References: ultimerealite.fr & springwise
Extreme sports are one thing, but now more serious thrill-seekers are actually paying to be kidnapped without warning. The French company Ultime Réalité provides three main services: 'Kidnapping,' 'Manhunt' and 'Go-Fast Adventure.'

Those paying for the kidnapping services are abducted unaware, and then subsequently bound, gagged and imprisoned from four to ten hours, with extra options including ransom, escapes and helicopter chases. (No mention of torture, but I'd assume that sort of thing doesn't look good in the brochure.)

The 'Manhunt' package includes the option of playing the role of the hunter or prey, and can last one or two days, while the Go-Fast Adventure carries less connotations of danger but the same amount of illegality: participants take the role of a drug dealer smuggling cargo on the high seas.

To top it off, the company recently added an "extreme" package (as if the other services weren't extreme enough!), which, according to Springwise, involves waking up on an autopsy table in a morgue, surrounded by corpses and body bags.