This Paws T-Shirt is an Adorable Parody Using an Angry Kitty

 - Sep 7, 2013
References: 80spurple & fancy
This Paws T-Shirt is a humorous take on one of the scariest movies ever made and suddenly, it doesn't look as scary to go in the water. The movie Jaws, is still to this day, a terrifying movie to watch. Many of us have a fear of going into the ocean and ultimately being attacked by a great white shark. However, designers Alex & Chloe decided they wanted to make a funny parody of an otherwise terrifying film.

This shirt is a classic white tee with a graphically printed front. Instead of having the iconic picture of a great white, they have put an adorable little kitten, with a fin strapped to its back. The best feature of this shirt is the fact that the kitten is meowing. It looks as though it is trying to look tough, but it just looks like you want to hug it.

This Paws T-Shirt is incredibly cute, and Jaws and cats fans alike would love to own this tee.