The Barcelona Pave Bicycle Store is Arranged Like an Art Gallery

 - May 14, 2011
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That sense of simulation and awe then you get when walking through the exhibition halls of a gallery has been recreated in the Pave bicycle store. The retailer has been endowed with plenty of interior space to work with, and has decided, rather unconventionally, to still reduce the quantity of products on the floor.

The result strikes quite the contrast to most bike shops that fill every last tile with their range of two-wheelers, but architect Joan Sandoval has made this big boutique a much more pleasant place to buy a bicycle. The huge, white and well-lit display cases along the walls give customer's a great view of each product, and save browsers the strife of getting tangled amidst brake cable housing. The sparsely stocked shelves of the Pave bicycle store ensure an eye-opening shopping experience complete with a confident purchase.