These Paul Bingham Drawings Like to Stare

Newcastle, United Kingdom-based artist Paul Bingham has posted a slew of illustrations on his Behance page that range from totem poles to butterflies and, in almost every instance, weave a multitude peering eyes into each frame.

In terms of style, the illustrations are infectiously psychedelic, drawing on fractal-like patterns that repeat themselves with subtle variations to hypnotize the viewer in a sea of bright colors and curving shapes. Bingham renders each illustration with a muted sense of depth that emphasizes the crisp and neat quality of his drawing.

The eyes are portrayed with various expressions. Some are open and alert, whereas others are half-closed and dopey. Multiple expressions are found in each piece, giving the illustrations a welcome amount of substantive texture while maintaining stylistic coherence. All in all, the illustrations are quite pleasing to the eye.