Patricio Suarez Captures the Backstory of Femininity

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: psuarez & mymodernmet
Capturing the backside of femininity is what fashion photographer Patricio Suarez does best. This New York City-based photographer has a passion for feminine depictions that shy away from showing all.

These conservative depictions of covered-up sensuality are what set Patricio Suarez apart for countless other fashion photographers. I love how these photos follow a common theme where the model's face is hidden, thereby masking her identity and letting her femininity speak for itself.

Implications - Conservative women's fashion continue to please a younger generation of women who have grown tired of bare-all sexuality. With such, companies marketing towards a youthful female demographic should be accepting that these not-so subtle depictions of sexuality have grown tiresome in the eyes of female consumers.