Pascha by Andrey Yakovlev is Full of Rich Colors and Accessories

 - May 6, 2016
Pascha by Andrey Yakovlev, a photographer hailing from Moscow, Russia, appears to embrace this culture beautifully. Full of rich textiles, regal accessories and jewel tones, it's hard not to be instantly attracted to the images. There is so much visual stimulation, after all. Not to mention that the fashion will inspire some women to embrace as much color into their lives as possible.

Art directed by Lili Aleeva, Pascha by Andrey Yakovlev stars models Ksenia Makhova of AVANT Models, Daria Milky of GRACE Models and Karina Kiseleva. They were outfitted by style team Hanna Yatsko and Ruslan Shakurov. But what stands out just as much as the fashion is the set full of fruits, eggs and wine.