These Parody Posters Feature Lamps as Hit Stars

 - Aug 24, 2013
References: elitefixtures
Die hard movie fans may be a bit confused when their favorite characters are replaced by lamps in these parody posters. While the original movies are definitely crowd favorites, these pictures imagine how different the film would be if lifeless objects took the place of important characters or props.

For example, people may not be so inclined to watch the beloved Dirty Dancing if Patrick Swayze danced with a tall, slim lamp instead of the stunning Jennifer Grey. In much the same way, Silence of the Lambs would hardly be the hit horror it was if it had been hilariously renamed to Silence of the Lamps.

One extremely hilarious remake that would deprive people of exciting dinosaur fun would be if Jurassic Park was called 'Well-Lit Park.'