PARK(ing) Day

 - Jan 23, 2008
An experimental environmental project was set up by REBAR in San Francisco to encourage the entire world to convert parking lots into temporary green space in a project known as PARK(ing) Day.

WORLDwidE PARK(ing) Day 2007 took place in September and was hugely successful with 180 make-shift parks set up in 47 cities around the world. Artists, activists and citizens gathered for the event with the most participants from San Francisco which had installed 58 "parks", Los Angeles with 45 and New York City with 25 temporary public parks.

The next WORLDwidE PARK(ing) Day has been scheduled for September 19, 2008. REBAR is hoping that by that time, there will be more Parkcycles, which is seen in the main image featured in the gallery and in the video.

Other major US cities included Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Salt Lake City and Miami. International cities included London, Bremen, Munich, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Toronto and Melbourne.