The Parasite Urban Lamp Bypasser Upgrades Existing City Infrastructure

 - Oct 13, 2012
It would be wasteful to take down the huge numbers of lampposts lining metropolitan streets, but the technology exists for significant improvements. The Parasite Urban Lamp Bypasser would rely on the existing poles as props and enable them to be severed from the grid electrically.

Mark Beccaloni's innovative proposal suggests the use of the Spectrolab photovoltaic system of GaAs cells that is currently employed in space. The cutting-edge material can be applied to the tops of the intense outdoor illuminators to draw energy from the sun with impressive efficiency.

With each installed securely and systematically at a 30-degree angle, the Parasite Urban Lamp Bypasser can best benefit from its eco-friendly source. Six multi-directional LED lights offer sufficient illumination with low consumption.