This Camera Lens Sculpture Captures Our Surveillance Anxieties

It's not surprise that the topic of surveillance acts as inspiration for many of today's artists, and Oregon based sculptor Jud Turner's panoramic surveillance sculpture is a great addition to this popular genre. A master of visual perception, Turner uses everyday consumer objects (in this case, camera lens') to capture the anxieties of modern day society. Composed of hundreds of repurposed camera lens' with a watchful eye in each lens, his captivating work "Blind Eye Sees All" speaks to well-known illegal government surveillance techniques. Additionally, Turner has created fifty mini variations of the grand sculpture to sell on the market. The proceeds from each sale will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization working to guard civilian rights online. Turner's ironic eye-ball shaped creation adds to the captivating presence of this piece, while simultaneously reminding us of a pervasive all-seeing eye that watches from every angle.