The palliAGEDnurse App Supports the Work Of Palliative Care Nurses

 - May 18, 2016
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The palliAGEDnurse smartphone app, launched in Australia on the occasion of International Nurses Day on May 12, is designed to give palliative care nurses some much-needed help and assistance as they go about trying to offer the very bets hands-on care for older patients who have palliative care needs.

This particular smartphone app was developed as part of the Decision Assist program, which is funded by the Australian government as part of an initiative to improve end-of-life care for the elderly. Available for both the iOS and Android platforms, the app makes for a great way for palliative care nurses to access as well as disseminate information on care, care management and other issues remotely.

Palliative care nurses perform an invaluable, difficult and thankless job and deserve every bit of assistance they can get, which is where the palliAGEDnurse smartphone app comes in.