Pal from Andrew Kim Helps Patients Feel More like People

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: minimallyminimal & yankodesign
Pal from Andrew Kim is a creative and minimalist IV system designed to, in the designer's words, treat people as opposed to conditions. Pal has a compact and simple design that is a complete 180 from the IV systems currently used in hospitals around the world.

Pal's design is simple and straightforward. The IV bag is connected to the system using a cord and plug-in designed to look like a power cord and a wall outlet. Peristaltic pumping pushed the fluid up the neck of the system and into the patient's body. Pal has a touchscreen display that works in both nurse and patient mode. Nurse mode lets a nurse quickly and easily set up a patient's IV drip. Patient mode is simpler, displaying only colorful and upbeat messages to encourage good mental health.

Sometimes it takes a design like Pal from Andrew Kim to make you realize how bad one design (the traditional IV system) truly is. If you would like to see Kim's Pal in action you can check out the featured video here.