These Portraits by Philip Munoz are Unbelievably Lifelike

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: philipmunoz & juxtapoz
With a skillful hand and a lot of natural talent, artist Philip Munoz hyper-realistic paintings capture the alluring lifestyle of women in Bristol, UK. Philip's paintings are so remarkably realistic, that they don't even look like paintings at all, but more like photos shot with a camera.

Working with oil, Philip was able to layer paint so beautifully that the textures he creates are unbelievably lifelike. The great thing about malleability of oil paint is the artist has the ability to return to the paint and rework it over and over again. This technique has allowed Philip to create amazingly lifelike skin colors and shading that makes his images look as though they are actually photography. Coupled with the edginess of these Bristol girls, these paintings are dazzling and jaw-dropping.