The Paform Emergency Transporter Seeks Out Disasters and Provides Support

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: & tuvie
The Paform Emergency Transporter tackles two very difficult tasks in catastrophic situations: the robotic vehicle can reach cut-off areas that have experienced man-caused and natural disasters, plus it can bring provisions and offer shelter to the traumatized survivors.

Jex Chau's proposal presents an enormous table-like refuge structure with four mobile legs and a flat upper surface. In the center of this, you'll see the solar reactor that helps it to harness green energy. It comes equipped with intense lighting and a magnetic claw that allows it to pick up shipping containers and supplies trucks, lifting them above rough landscapes. The Paform Emergency Transporter has transformer qualities too. The vehicle can curl itself into a robust ball so that it can roll from one place to another with great efficiency.