The Style Scavenger Will Love the Owl Brooch by Jolanta Uczarczyk

 - Jan 11, 2013
If you're on the hunt for new ways to liven up your bland attire, the Owl Brooch would certainly capture your interest. Made to mimic the face of the majestic bird of prey, this plushy pin has a fierceness that pendants and bracelets simply do not.

A pair of yellow glass eyes replicate the piercing forward-facing peepers of the feathered creature, making it a focal point of your outfit. Test it out on a neutral T-shirt or a basic sweater and no one would call you dressed down.

The penetrative character of Jolanta Uczarczyk's Owl brooch is not the only impression it will deliver. The piece is aesthetically paradoxical since it simultaneously manages to appear quite cute. Its careful assembly from felted merino wool and fluffy white recycled fur expresses a softness and approachability.