This Design Concept Incorporates Oversized Pushpins into Decor

 - May 28, 2015
References: dezeen & dezeen
Milan designer Daniele Ragazzo created a collection of beautiful tables that use oversized pushpins as legs. Instead of placing one leg at each corner of the table, Ragazzo's design places the pins in an intricate cluster in the center of the table to hold it upright.

The top of each table is made of glass, so the oversized pushpins are the obvious main focus. With the ball-end of the pins on the ground, the opposite pointed end is left facing upward as if it is about to smash through the glass table.

It is called the Liaison Table and each pin is constructed of stainless steel and held together in clusters using ultraviolet curing glue. Each ball-point of the sewing pins are a different color and is constructed from a powder-coated steel.