The 'Over Under' Infographic Discusses Pros and Cons of Hanging Style

 - Jun 29, 2011
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With this 'Over Under' infographic, people can finally make up their minds on an issue that frequently sparks debate among my family members: how should you hang toilet paper?

The snazzy 'Over Under' infographic is a humorous look at toilet paper hanging and it even takes into account the history of toilet paper. Who knew that the modern convenience store was invented in 1857? The 'Over Under' infographic is also quite insightful as it outlines the engineering advantages and disadvantages of each paper-hanging style.

As for myself, there's no amount of scientific data to convince me to hang toilet paper in the under position. Over the top all the way!

Implications - There's been a recent backlash towards mind-numbing programming as consumers are now looking for substance to go along with their entertainment. Corporations that offer products with an educational twist will fare better than their unintelligible counterparts.