The Ottobox Helps You Save Money On Electricity Bills

 - May 4, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Ottobox is a smart home automation device that monitors appliances plugged into wall sockets and automatically turns them off when they're not in use. In doing so, it is capable of reducing your electricity bills by up to 50%, when you take into account all the appliances whose energy intake will be minimized.

The device contains a proprietary technology that halts the flow of electricity to energy-sapping appliances. Over a period of time, it 'learns' when certain appliances are likely to be used, and turns them off at other times.

At a time when home electricity bills are skyrocketing in many parts, it has become imperative for the high-tech industry to come up with ways to help people save on their bills without compromising on home comforts, and the Ottobox does exactly that.