The ORWL Miniature PC Uses a Physical Key Instead of a Password

 - Oct 2, 2016
References: crowdsupply & theverge
All too often it seems that there are reports of password leaks from reputable sites that hold sensitive information, and the ORWL (pronounced Orwell) personal computer guarantees that no such leak could ever impact its users. The miniature PC eschews password protection in favor of a physical key that literally unlocks it for use.

The ORWL computer uses several layers of security to make sure that only its intended user is controlling it. Beyond the key, the computer connects to a fob via Bluetooth and will only stay active as long as the fob is within range. Further, to attach any external devices, the owner must use their key to unlock an active mesh. If that mesh is broken, cut, or drilled through, the computer automatically shuts down.