The Origami Knight by Horatio Yuxin Han Allows for Movement

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: & conceptkicks
I really appreciate good shoes and the Origami Knight by Horatio Yuxin Han is right up my alley. Although only a concept by the artist, the boots are an ergonomic approach to footwear design that does away with a number of problems with traditional shoes.

Certain parts of a shoe are stressed during wear, which leads to them becoming old and eventually tearing or breaking. The Origami Knight by Horatio Yuxin Han, however, replaces these stressed areas at the ankle, mid-foot and the lower calf with origami plates that move with the walker instead of resisting.

Everyone has dealt with the task of breaking in new shoes, so it's interesting to see how this shoe concept by Yuxin Han can do away with this notion altogether and even inject a modern edge into the design.