The Orbit Door Handle by Diego Amadei Seems to Float

Orbit is the first concept for an orbital handle developed by Diego Amadei. The project stems from a new connotation of the classic lever handle defined just by a simple and decided design. Its design is characterized by a lever made of a bent metal rod that orbits like a star in the sky around a central hub that allows the rotation by activating the opening mechanism.

The clean and essential shape creates a soft, slight silhouette that seems to float around the cover. Additionally, there is a fixed cover up on the pivot pin that complements the design of the handle and hides the system of rotation and recessed rose. The cover can also be customized with logos or door numbers for a "contract" use and texturized with the same tones or wood essences of the door.

The same concept can be applied to a push handle. In this case, the fixed cover also allows the accommodation of the lock, giving a simple and stylish look to the door and completing the orbit product range.