Oops! Panties Packaging Hides Secrets of its Contents with Clothes

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
The concept for Oops! Panties packaging literally dresses up an item that is typically left bare. When you see undergarments like the ones inside of these canisters, they are usually either left loose on the racks of clothing stores or being worn by nearly naked bodies.

Together, Pavla Chuykina of Russia and Galya Akhmetzyanova of New Zealand worked to cover up these private pieces with tin cans as containers. Spunky illustrations, typefaces and colors present Fancy Pants underwear through playful branding, yet additional attention was still paid the these unmentionables. Maxim Kadashov helped to render the wonderful and whimsical 3D visualizations of Oops! Panties packaging as the items are wrapped in fabric coverings. Patterned, pleated and freely twisting with movement, the material flares out exuberantly like long flowing skirts on lively ladies.