Suzie Michael Explains How People's Online Profiles Can be Misleading

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: youtube
At times, people don’t turn out to be exactly the person you would expect based on their online profiles. In the viral music video ‘I Like You Better on Facebook,’ actress and comedian Livia Scott demonstrates how she can relate to this specific kind of Internet-age disappointment with hilarious examples of the different ways an online crush can go wrong.

Suzie Michael talks about some of the reasons why this video is so funny, and also shares some interesting writing tips in her Trend Hunter interview. Suzie was a social media and editorial intern at Trend Hunter during the summer of 2011 and has since become a contributing writer for the site publishing hundreds of fashion and food-related trends.

To find out more about more about Suzie, check out her interview with Trend Hunter and visit the community page to see one of her many online profiles.