Omnomnom Snack Packaging Appeals to Adolescent Monsters

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: & lovelypackage
What would be your opinion of this product line based on your first impression of Omnomnom snack packaging? The single-serving munchies are hypothetical meat chips targeted at growing children and adolescents that generally like in-your-face marketing and unhealthy edibles.

It may surprise you to discover that the contents of these sachets are a great deal more wholesome than the treats that surround them on the convenience store shelf. Typically, food producers and designers opt for earthy or simple-looking labels to communicate healthiness and purity of ingredients, but Anastasia Ovsyannikova did not do this. Omnomnom snack packaging was covered in bold colors and punchy graphics with peculiar characters to give the brand personality. This is nutritious food disguised for adolescent digestion.