Stunning Images from the Olympus BioScapes 2010 Competition

 - Dec 13, 2010   Updated: Mar 22 2011
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The Olympus BioScapes 2010 competition has yielded some of the world's most extraordinary microscope-enhanced life science images in the world. The beautiful photographs are intended to educate and inspire those who see them.

The event is one of a series of annual competitions created to focus attention on cutting-edge life science research. Check out the gallery to see some of the extraordinary Olympus BioScapes 2010 photography for yourself.

Implications - In a world crowded by technology, biology and life science serve as refreshing subject matter for consumers. Thus, science is being integrated into the most eccentric places, such as art, photography and entertainment. Biology is ultimately serving as the antidote to technological addiction, giving consumers a whole new way to get in touch with their true selves while still being entertained.