This Olympics Infographic Shows The Salary Potential Of Placing Athletes

With the Olympic games only days a way it is no wonder that this Olympics Infographic shows the importance of 'The Race For the Gold.' The chart was created by the website TurboTax and shows how the most lucrative payouts will go to those elite athletes that place at the 2012 London Games. From tenacious tennis players to bold boxers, these athletic stars will represent the best their countries have to offer the sports world. Yet, those lucky few American winners accomplishing Olympian status will receive an extra bonus.

The United States Olympic Committee will pay out select athletes winning Gold a great $25,000, Silver a comfy $15,000, and Bronze a nice $10,000. It is no wonder that 24 of Forbes' top 100 highest paid athletes are in fact Olympians. After all those countless hours, days, and years of training this Olympics Infographic shows it really will pay off.