The Olla Building Blocks Can Be Used to Build Chairs, Desks, Beds & More

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: olla-kidsfurniture & gizmag
Olla is a range of furniture designed for kids and inspired by LEGO. The product is named after Ole and Ella, the two children of Jens Otterstedt, who created the LEGO-inspired furniture in response to his kids' endless requests for new furniture.

The furniture borrows some of LEGO's key principles; for instance, the more pieces you own, the wider range of items you can construct.

The variety of furniture that can be built using Olla is surprisingly vast and includes chairs, desks, shelving units, beds, cots and benches. The different components of Olla come in different colors, making it possible for children to mix and match them at will. Amazingly, the pieces lock together using only four different kinds of connectors.