Panasonic Debuts the World's First 4K Printed OLED TV at CES 2013 Today

 - Jan 8, 2013
References: techcrunch
A world's first has been showcased at CES with Panasonic's 4K Printed OLED TV. The 56-inch OLED TV is the largest to be created using 3D printing technology. For those unfamiliar, an OLED TV is similar to an LED, except it uses an organic compound to emit the light. The OLED TV by Panasonic was quite a site to be seen, as it was only 1/2-inch thick.

Not much has been revealed with regards to its price point and the release date, so the public will have to patiently anticipate these details. It's incredible to think just how far 3D printing has come in the last few years, and this latest television from Panasonic is a testament to that. It will certainly be of interest what will come next in the world of 3D-printing technologies.