The Offside Coatrack Makes a Game of Tidying Your Entryway

 - May 7, 2014
References: runaklock
With the Offside Coatrack mounted on your wall, you may be less likely to simply drop your outerwear and accessories on the floor when you come inside. Many people just aren't the tidy types; however, this contraption makes living neatly a little bit more fun.

It is no surprise that Runa Klock was inspired to make this playful piece while entertaining herself over a game of foosball with friends. The rod and the armless players were appropriated into this design in an attempt to help kick bad habits of leaving items around carelessly. In recyclable plastic, the designer produced green, red, yellow and blue men that can be slid along the rounded rail. The Offside Coatrack can rotate too, with the block feet serving as wall stoppers when heavy items are slung over the players' heads.