This OFFF Istanbul 2012 Video is Engaging

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: ouchhh &
The Istanbul-based creative collective Ouchhh recently produced a delightfully engaging animation for the OFFF Istanbul 2012 festival. The video depicts strange materials melting and twisting into unusual, abstract shapes to produce surreal typographic designs. It may not be appropriate for most letterheads, but these alphabetic creations will definitely get most people's attention.

There has been much inventiveness in typography lately as graphic design and video editing programs have become cheaper and more accessible; however, professional work often still shines through and this is quite evident when viewing this animation. Even the stills convey a sense of motion. The quality is top notch; looking at the video, one feels as though they could reach into the screen and pull out the rubbery, viscous materials depicted to create their own typographic creation.