The ODO Out Door Office Compacts the Contents of Your Desk

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: generallyandespecially & yankodesign
The ODO Out Door Office is more than a peculiarly tall pen holder, for its extended height is a result of the extra and unexpected features that it incorporates.

The Generally and Especially designers envisioned a way for the mobile office to become more of a reality to more building-bound employees. Laptops and tablets make it possible for many tasks to be accomplished outside of the workplace; however, there are other tools that are necessary for diverse and proficient environments.

This stand-alone gadget comprises a container for the storage of writing utensils and styluses and houses a small pad of Post-It notes in its base. Most impressively, the ODO Out Door Office integrates an LED desk lamp that can be charged via USB from your portable computing device.