Weird Sleeves That Question the Artist's Sanity

 - Jun 3, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: hecklerspray
From Pooh-Man's “Funky as I Want To Be,” to Millie Jackson's “Back To The ####,” to the unforgettable “Songs for Gay Dogs,” these record covers beg the question: Were you on drugs when you thought of this cover concept?

Check out these odd, funny and bizarre record covers above and click here for more laughs.

Implications - In an age when consumer cynicism is at an all time high, self-effacing humor definitely resonates with modern consumers in a decidedly profound way. People are constantly targeted by a never-ending barrage of pretension and marketing, so when something comes a long that has the sense of humor to poke fun at itself, it automatically stands out to those who might otherwise be too jaded to notice. Brands that keep this kind of sense of humor in mind definitely have a lot to gain and should be monitored very closely.