- May 21, 2008
References: & wired
If you ever wanted to live permanently in an ocean-based city, the Seasteading Institute could help you, if they get their way. The organization was founded by Google's Patri Friedman and former Sun Microsystems programmer, Wayne Gramlich. The ambitious project to set up deep water city states - communities "with diverse social, political, and legal systems" - have secured $500,000 in initial funding from Pay Pay's founder, Peter Thiel.

The Steadfast Institute have even written a book called "Seasteading : A Practical Guide to Homesteading on the High Seas." The prototype which they plan to build for a few million dollars will hopefully be launched in San Francisco Bay in about two years. The structure (as illustrated by Vlademar Duran) is a modified oil rig which is called a "spar platform" and designed to withstand powerful waves . As it is tall rather than wide, there is very little cross-sectional interaction with waves. People will live inside the tube but the platform is envisioned to house gardens, solar panels, wind turbines and so on. The idea could catch on as a hotel on the waves or for other business model applications.