The 'Obraz-EveryBodyGonnaDie' Short Extinguishes Fear

 - Aug 25, 2012
References: vimeo
The Obraz-EveryBodyGonnaDie music video is an intergalactic mix of stunning scenic world footage and symbolic video effects.

To sum up the video, it seems that a man has been beamed to earth in various cities across the globe. He then goes on to stand in each of these city's most glamorous and captivating areas, while giant orbs and shapes appear in the sky. These shapes then turn into various letters that form words in all type of languages. FEAR is the only english word that shows up in the sky, which seems fitting due to the lyrics of the song: "everybody gonna die."

The music video then presents giant, white animated eyes that destroy all fear in the world, and the man then returns back to space. It’s a simple idea, but the director Obraz has really done a great job at capturing the beautiful landscapes from around the world.