Dent Seats by O4i Defines How the Rejected Became the Selected

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: o4i
Dent is a new chair design by o4i, an award-winning product design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Dent chair challenges the meaning of what is perceived as beautiful. It emphasizes the idea of imperfection through its rough and wrinkly surface and the complementary high-comfort design.

"We have had many years’ experience of designing chairs using traditional plywood molding techniques, always trying to extend the boundaries of what is possible without 'cheating' by using expensive 3D veneer. With Dent we decided to be even bolder, by taking a step beyond where we have already been, out of our comfort zone and into the unknown," explains the designers of Dent.

This rebellious and unconventional design insists on breaking the boundaries of appeal by delivering a quality comfort and multi-functionality to the customer.